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The History of Prostitution in Tarragona


From the town of Tarragona, Spain is placed a community that is hidden to the majority individuals – a magic formula realm of whores. Even though prostitution has become putas Tarragona illegal in Spain since 1956, it is out there subterranean. This article will discover this invisible planet by delving into its record, tradition, and present day-time consequences.

A Brief History of Prostitution in Tarragona

Prostitution is part of Tarragona’s customs for centuries. Through the Midst Age ranges, prostitution was commonplace in many cities because it was regarded as a suitable method of amusement. In 1553, the metropolis authority passed laws that permitted prostitutes to ply their business openly in certain aspects of the metropolis. This meant they could function without the fear of becoming arrested or harassed by the government bodies.

Even so, this altered when Franco came to strength in 1939. Less than his plan, prostitution was prohibited and then any associated routines were regarded as illegal and punishable by law. Despite this ban, prostitution carried on to exist in secret places like brothels or private condominiums. It wasn’t until 1975 that prostitution became officially decriminalized again in Spain.

Contemporary Ramifications

Nowadays, prostitution remains living and well in Tarragona in spite of its illegality below Spanish legislation. It really is calculated that there are over 500 prostitutes doing work in the town at any moment with most working from brothels or exclusive homes rather than about the avenues as a result of greater police enforcement against road walkers. The industry is basically unregulated which means it is actually vulnerable to exploitation from pimps or any other criminals who may make the most of females functioning in this particular industry with regard to their very own gain.


The secret world of whores in Tarragona is an intriguing one full of abundant history and culture that has advanced after a while regardless of laws and regulations trying to suppress its presence. Even though it might be against the law beneath Spanish rules right now, it continues to be a thriving organization behind shut down entrance doors providing employment opportunities for people ready to risk stepping into this shadowy realm without any promise as to what awaits them there. For historical past buffs or interested readers equally, investigating this mysterious part of society offers insight into a fascinating a part of existence often kept unexplored or ignored by traditional places.