How to choose quality wine for a special occasion?

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Wine is often used as a gift for certain occasions. But people are often discouraged from giving wine to others because they are afraid the other person will not like it or know what to do with it.
How to start with the choosing?
Choosing wine should not be an issue since there are many wines that taste good and anyone can enjoy them, no matter how much knowledge you have about wine. To begin, decide if this occasion calls for red or white wine. If choosing between red and white wine, always choose white because of its higher alcohol content which makes it more stable at room temperature than most reds (which spoil faster). Another reason for choosing white over red is that whites tend to go better with food than reds do.
Choose as per the occasion:
The next step is to decide what sort of occasion you are celebrating. If it is a formal event (such as a wedding or high society dinner), then select your wine according to the course.
Depeneding upon the menu:
For appetizers, select an unoaked chardonnay for its delicate taste and bouquet. Unoaked means that the wine was not exposed to oak during fermentation so it has less “woody” aromas than oaked wines do. A good example of this type of wine is Paul Hobbs Chardonnay. This wine pairs well with cream sauces, rich pastas, garlic foods, chicken salads, seafood cheeses and poultry dishes in general.
For the second course (the main course), choose a light red such as a pinot noir. Pinots have a light body and slight acidity which makes them go well with both hearty and lighter meals, especially meat dishes. A good example of this kind of wine is the Etude Pinot Noi. This wine pairs well with roasted poultry and pork, veal shank, steak, beef burgundy and pasta in rich sauces.
For the third course (dessert), Chianti wine tasting (degustazione vino chianti) or another dessert wine for its sweetness and high alcohol content. Sweeter wines also help tone down spicy food so there is less chance of heartburn after eating it.

Bottom line:
Wine has its own characteristics which provides and establishes a taste for the occasion and the food it is being consumed with it. Hence, knowing the elements and the ingredients that will either be in contrast and goes hand in hand with everything.